Low-Pressure Insufflation in Laparoscopic Surgery

Are there real benefits to the patient?

Insufflators are the devices that have advanced minimally invasive surgery (MIS) to the trend that it is today. Insufflators make it possible for surgeons to access internal organs with only a few small incisions. As MIS technology evolves, so does the demand for faster recovery times, minimal hospital stays, less pain and less risk to the patient.

For surgeons, an important goal in using an insufflator is to maintain a stable pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopic procedures. While routine intraabdominal pressure during insufflation is typically between 12-15 mmHg, the use of lower pressure may benefit certain patients. There have been a number of studies on low-pressure insufflation and most conclude that the most recognized benefit is reduced post-operative pain. The three types of pain in laparoscopic surgeries are deep intraabdominal pain (visceral pain), incisional pain (parietal pain) and shoulder pain (referred visceral pain). Pneumoperitoneum affects the visceral pain component and theoretically, lower abdominal pressure should reduce pain. For patients with comorbidities, there may be additional benefits beyond reduced post-op pain such as reduced cardiovascular effects. However, most studies conclude that less pain is the primary benefit to the patient.

Studies also emphasize caution as using pressures below 12 mmHg may affect visualization and careful consideration should be given based on factors such as the procedure type, complexity, and surgeons' experience. The LEMKE Insufflator 50 L quickly reacts to an unexpected drop in pressure which allows for a more stable pneumoperitoneum, even at pressures below 12 mmHg. With more than 29,500 units sold globally, the technology has proven to be reliable.

With the growing trend of value-based healthcare, less pain is of great importance to healthcare facilities. Increasingly, patients in markets such as the U.S. are surveyed after being treated and the information, such as pain scores, is considered in the procedure reimbursement. LEMKE devices, such as the Insufflator 50 L, continue to evolve with the demands of MIS practitioners and patients.

Your LEMKE Team