President of Urology Association Provides Hands-on Training with LEMKE Devices


On October 7th, 2016, a laparoscopic urology workshop was held at GMEA training center in Byblos, Lebanon. The event was attended by 18 surgeons from Lebanon.


The attendees were separated into three work stations to perform a laparoscopic nephrectomy on live, narcotized animals. The workshop offered other important work stations including laparoscopic training using animal tissue simulators, and endoscopic urology stations where doctors performed transurethral resection of bladders tumors.


All workstations where supported by LEMKE laparoscopic towers containing all the required devices including HD-Cameras with integrated LED Light Source, 30 L Insufflators, and Multi-indication Pumps to integrate a superior operation mode.The workshop was appreciated by all attendees, as sharpening skills in Minimally Invasive Surgery is of the utmost importance for better outcomes.


Your LEMKE-Team
(Photo: Dr. Raghid Khoury, President of Urology Association in Lebanon handling the Laparoscopic nephrectomy procedure)


LEMKE Workshop Provides Hands-on Training during ISGE Asian Congress


LEMKE provided a two-day workshop prior to the ISGE Congress held September 15th-17th in Bali, where physicians were able to participate in hands-on training. Five towers featured the LEMKE Full HD- and HD-Cameras and Multiindication Pump along with TONTARRA’s 2.9 mm scope. 

Hosted by PT Endo Indonesia, the three-day exhibition was a great chance to train Endo Indonesia’s colleagues both in the application of LEMKE products and also sales training. Physicians were impressed with the image quality while using the 2.9 mm scope from Tontarra with the LEMKE HD-Camera in a small cavity which simulated a uterus. The feedback was good and they were quite amazed by the performance. LEMKE also introduced physicians to the functions of the Multi-indication Pump. The training workshop provided details on how the pump works best for hysteroscopic procedures. 

After the training workshop, physicians asked questions about surgical challenges faced in the past and they gained insight and understanding of how to overcome some of those challenges. Overall, the feedback from attendees was very positive and the workshop was well accepted.

Your LEMKE-Team

(Photo: Demonstration on how to use the miniresectoscope)