LEMKE Exhibits at Medical Fair Thailand 2017 with Partners TONTARRA and NOUVAG


Record Attendance Resulted in a Highly Successful Event

The largest exhibition to date, MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2017 closed its last day amidst an exciting atmosphere of success, collaboration and fortified business relationships. Over the three days, the pulse of the region’s medical and healthcare sector came alive. LEMKE shared its highly active booth with partners, TONTARRA and NOUVAG in which they shared their deep experience in specific markets and introduced each other to potential customers. 

The exhibition attracted more than 9,000 visitors, well exceeding expectations and surpassing 2015’s visitor attendance by 25%. The show floor was also increased in size by 20% and was abuzz with activities and networking.  The 830 exhibitors from 66 countries, 18 national pavilions and country groups, welcomed top-quality visitors including delegations from Thailand, Myanmar, Korea, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and more. The well-attended concurrent events, technical presentations and industry-leading conferences held alongside the exhibition proved to be a winning combination. 

LEMKE and its partners were excited to showcase their minimally invasive devices as part of more than 5,000 products displayed. The tremendous growth of minimally invasive surgery could be recognized in the high number of booth visitors and interest shown in WOM MIS devices. 

Your LEMKE Team

Photo: Jörg Fischer from LEMKE, Alberto Petrella, MD from TONTARRA, and Heinz Wieser, CEO of NOUVAG present products during Medical Fair Thailand 2017




Dear partners,
We would like to inform you, that the production and distribution of the products listed here is discontinued by December 31st, 2017 for all countries requiring CE Mark.


Last order date for the listed medical devices is August 31st, 2017.

W.O.M. WORLD OF MEDICINE GmbH ensures as far as possible availability of accessories and spare parts for the mentioned products for at least 5 (five) years from the date of discontinuation.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.


Your LEMKE-Team


LEMKE – Innovation for a Better Future


In hospitals across the globe, LEMKE partners with surgeons, nurses, universities and other innovators to develop medical devices that result in better surgical outcomes. 

LEMKE knows that innovation begins with a great idea. Anyone can have a great idea, but unless it is shared and evaluated, it will not result in success. An innovative idea can help create a product, solve a problem, increase efficiency, acquire customers, or all of the above. 
Where do innovative ideas come from and how do we move ideas forward? 
In the ever-changing field of Minimally Invasive Medicine, ideas start with understanding clinical needs. Once needs are understood, ideas are shared that often stem from identified trends. For example: trends could be based on new technologies, specific indications, or changing healthcare legislation. 

An online software program such as “Hype” is a vehicle used by companies to share great ideas that improve products and services. This is one of many tools that allows employees across departments to submit ideas which are viewed, discussed and rated by colleagues. The highest rated ideas can then move forward and can be reviewed for validity. Innovative Ideas may also be about improving an existing process or a service offering. Your company must define its own goals, priorities and set processes for future growth through innovation.

Be sure to harness the power of your ideas and those of your colleagues. Together let’s innovate for a better future!

Your LEMKE-Team


Mini-Laparoscopy – Is this a Growing Trend?


Technological Advances Have Revived Interest in Mini-LAP
The term “mini-laparoscopy” is broad and encompasses all techniques for which smaller incisions are used alone or in combination with smaller instruments. Other terms used to describe these procedures include “needlescopic” and “reduced trocar.” The size of instruments and incisions for laparoscopy is continuing to decrease, with instruments smaller than 2 mm being used for what is termed “micro-laparoscopy.” Mini-laparoscopy (mini-LAP) is defined as use of a 5-mm laparoscope or smaller with ports smaller than 5 mm. With traditional laparoscopy, in contrast, incisions range anywhere from 5 mm to 12 mm.

Often mini-LAP and micro-LAP terminology are used interchangeably as companies obtain patents on small instruments and use their own terminology. This is not a new trend, as mini-LAP was first recognized in the 1990s. However, the lack of strong enough materials resulted in instruments breaking and flexing. Hence, this caused mini-lap to fade away until recent years in which well-known companies have developed and brought to market stronger instruments capable of performing procedures without this problem.

What are the benefits of mini-LAP?
For the patient, it usually means minimal scarring, less pain, faster healing, and less chance for post-surgery hernias. For the surgeons, they experience good patient acceptance, less closure time, better instruments developed versus in the past – less flex and easier to use, and lower cost due to fewer trocars (some instruments have subcutaneous insertion). There are still limiting factors with this re-emerging trend. A larger port is still needed for tissue/specimen removal, there is a learning curve with smaller instruments, and also concerns over visibility problems due to smaller scopes. In addition, many surgeons equate mini-LAP with that of the 1990s, and need to be re-educated. Although there are many benefits, for now, mini-LAP is a smaller niche market that has reemerged due to technological advances in instruments. This trend is one to keep an eye on, as minimally invasive techniques continue to evolve.   

Your LEMKE Team

Photo: © flywish –


LEMKE – Devices and Usability


LEMKE knows, when selecting a medical device for the OR, many factors are considered by hospitals in addition to the cost. The usability of the device is of the utmost importance. The nurses and others responsible for setting up devices must understand the graphical user interface (GUI), instructions for use, and the device labeling.


The top disruption of workflow in the OR is difficulty with medical devices. If the GUI menus are confusing, if buttons are poorly located and audible notifications are not understood, it not only prolongs the procedure but may endanger the patient.


LEMKE devices are designed to improve workflow in the OR. The usability engineering team is specifically focusing on needs of the end-users. Human factors are taken into account in the design of each LEMKE device. Incorrect user actions can be predicted by the usability team, and the design altered to mitigate a possible hazard during a procedure. The GUI of every device is tested and is also evaluated by experts.


LEMKE always has the needs of the surgeon and medical staff in mind during the design process. Our goal is to provide Minimally Invasive devices that perform as expected, support an efficient workflow, and are safe for patients.


Your LEMKE-Team


WOM ACADEMY Hosts LEMKE Service Training in Berlin


On March 15-17, 2017, WOM hosted a three-day LEMKE service training as part of WOM ACADEMY at its headquarters in Berlin. The event was held in the Lindemann MIC®-Lounge which includes a full Minimally Invasive Surgery suite for a true hands-on training experience with LEMKE devices. The technicians, who represented different international distributors of LEMKE devices, were sent to Berlin to improve their technical knowledge and service of LEMKE Classic and New Line devices. The training consisted of both theory and practical modules in small classes. 

Our WOM Academy master trainer, Uwe Kreitel (Director International Technical Service), and WOM Academy certified trainer, Eric Wu (Service Manager), were happy to impart knowledge of the most important service issues and provide solutions. They also answered individual questions and provided hands-on experience with LEMKE devices. At the end of the training, each participant completed a written test in order to obtain a Technical Service Certificate. We are very proud that all of our participants passed the written test and received certificates. Congratulations! 

Thanks to all of our guests for the wonderful and meaningful time with us in Berlin. We wish them continued success in the future.

Your LEMKE-Team


Photo: LEMKE customers proudly display WOM ACADEMY training certificates